Take The Highway & Drive To Toronto

Excellent road networks allow a drive to Toronto to be enjoyable and easy. Well maintained roads connect Toronto with many cities and towns which provides choice and options. Easy to follow road signs aid your journey so you and your passengers can enjoy the scenic views en route. Choosing to drive to Toronto means you have total freedom with your time and how long you stay at other destinations on the way. There’s no chance you might miss your flight or mess up your train connection. All you have to worry about is where the next refreshment stop will be and when.

Major Highways into Toronto

There are several main highways that lead in and out of the city. No matter which direction you are approaching from you are likely to use one or more of the following:

  • Highway 401 (major east to west highway north of the city)
  • Highway 407 (major east to west highway further out than 401 with a toll charge enforced)
  • Highway 400 (north to south highway west of the city)
  • Queen Elizabeth Way/Gardiner Expressway (major east to west highway south of the city)
  • Highway 427 (north to south highway west of the city)
  • Highway 404 (north to south highway east of the city)

Tips & Advice

Make your own way to the lakeside city and you’ll have the freedom to stop off wherever you like en route. If you’re travelling from within Canada, or even the US, you will likely be familiar with the road laws already. However, those who are visiting from further afield may find our Driving Tips For Canada a very useful read, especially if it’s your first time driving in the country.

Driving Distances

Before you embark on a road trip to Toronto do your homework. Research the areas you will be driving through and also check how long you expect the journey to take. Some roads through Canada are long with very little around for miles so bare that in mind when planning your trip. Comfort breaks and food stops are important to consider if you are driving a long distance, as well as keeping your gas in your car topped up. Without suitable in-car entertainment, kids can find a long journey tedious so perhaps you may like to stop off somewhere over night to break the trips up and make it more enjoyable for everyone.

Remember, if you are coming from the US you will have to pass through border control to enter Canada. Toronto’s nearest border crossings are at Niagara Falls, Fort Erie and Windsor.

From Canada Distance Kilometers / Miles
Montreal, CA 545 / 338
Niagara Falls, CA 288 / 179
Ottawa, CA 453 / 281
Windsor, CA 378 / 234
From US
Atlantic City, NJ 912 / 567
Chicago, IL 854 / 534
New York, NY 851 / 529
Pittsburgh, PA 518 / 324
Rochester, NY 274 / 171
Washington, DC 832 / 517