Things To Do In Toronto

From famous landmarks to annual festive events, there are things to do in Toronto that the whole family can experience. Whether you visit during the height of the summer to enjoy picnics in the sunshine, or come to experience the snow in winter, you’ll never run out of things to do in Toronto.

The city is so huge, so diverse and packed full with options that you’ll struggle to fit it all in. Therefore, you will undoubtedly need to make some compromises along the way. Fortunately, we are here to help with that. Plus, to learn about Canada you don’t even need to leave the city because we have a little bit of everything right here in the city. Finding things to do in Toronto for the whole family is as easy as counting to three.

Attractions & Parks

Landmarks, both naturally forming and man-made, are an important element to Toronto’s landscape. They help to provide an insight into the city’s rich history, whilst also demonstrating that the city is capable of moving with the current times.

It may take 1-2 hours to reach but a trip to the world famous Niagara Falls should most certainly be on the top of your to do list. This spectacular naturally formed attraction on the US-Canadian border is unlike any other landmark in Ontario. View the falls from a distance, from the base or from up high in a helicopter. Whatever angle or distance you view the falls from, you’ll never fail to be impressed by its sheer size and power.

The CN Tower, an iconic tower with a revolving restaurant, as well as an Edge Walk, is the city’s focal point in the centre of the Entertainment District. Defined as Toronto’s most prominent landmark, this amazing piece of engineering is considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World. Standing at almost 560 metres tall, the CN Tower is the tallest free standing structure in the western hemisphere, making it a very popular landmark to visit.

High Park is considered Toronto’s very own Central Park and covers almost 400 acres. Open to the public all year round, High Park provides a place where visitors can mix with locals to exercise, work, have fun and socialise. Scattered throughout the city are many more parks. In winter, the parks become a Winter Wonderland, full with Christmas cheer and snow. Ice rinks and festive decorations pop up from nowhere. Parents sample the mulled wine whilst the children wait patiently to pay Santa a visit.

Shopping & Recreational

There is certainly no escaping the shops in this city. From designer labels to antique furniture, Toronto is a major shopping destination. Around every corner you’ll find high fashion items and one-of-a-kind vintage items. It’s a city that barely ever sleeps and the shops are no exception. Huge plazas, beautifully decorated malls and independent retailers all play a role in the city. Explore designer boutiques in sophisticated Bloor-Yorkville. Grab a bargain at one of the many flea markets. Or make a full day of it at the Eaton Centre. The choice is yours.

Toronto is a city for all sports lovers. From the Hockey Hall of fame, to our world renowned golf courses, there’s something for everyone. Throughout the year the city hosts a whole range of games and matches. Baseball, basketball, soccer and hockey as well as various motor sports are top favourites with a strong following. No trip to Canada would be complete without experiencing a Toronto game or two.

Kids Entertainment

Keeping the kids occupied, and more importantly happy, can always be a challenge. Luckily, this family oriented city provides parents with plenty of choice for kids activities. Summer camps, entertainment arcades, outdoor adventures and educational workshops are all readily available. Whether your kids love being active, are creative or enjoy learning new skills, there’s something for each and every one of them.

Theatre & Art

Performances, galleries and museums all play a vital part in showcasing the city’s heritage. Toronto’s diversity and the people’s creative spirits bring the stages alive. Music productions, dramatic arts and student studies tell a story about the city in days gone by. Painting, drawing and photography collections in museums and galleries are presented with flare and unique style. Whether you are looking to learn more about Toronto through its people or their many masterpieces, finding out can be fun, interesting and suitable for everyone.