The City’s Gastronomy Scene

In Toronto food and drink play an important part in everyday life. Surrounded by excellent world cuisine, there’s not a single street in Toronto where you can’t find great food and drink. From French patisseries to Vietnamese takeaways, there is a influence from all corners of the world in this city. In gastronomy scene in Toronto allows visitors the opportunity to completely and utterly indulge in what they love. Whether you are addicted to takeaways, crave a traditional Canadian dish or prefer fine dining at its best, you will love this city. In Toronto food and drink are available around the clock too.

Toronto’s multicultural population has provided a truly inspiring gastronomy scene. From traditional European dishes to the arrival of Asian spices and the Caribbean’s bold flavours, Toronto’s restaurants will take you on a exquisite culinary journey. Food combinations first introduced from the French and English have evolved into sophisticated dishes with a Canadian twist.

Toronto Food & Restaurants

For many years Montreal has been Canada’s leading city when it comes to food and drink. But more recently the attention has turned to Toronto and the spot light is now firmly shining on this vibrant city instead.  Celebrity chefs have opened up restaurants across the city and more establishments are gaining Michelin stars by the day. Fine dining, bistros, cafes, casual eateries, takeaways and diners, among others, are all here in Toronto.

Toronto Food Festivals frequently pop up around the city through summer. Streets become packed full with vendors showcasing their delicious delights to the world. International and local cuisine, vegetarian fair and fine dining creations all make an appearance at least once.

Toronto Bars & Nightlife

There is nightlife in Toronto for all ages and interests. There’s no shortage of trendy clubs and bars in the city. Martini bars and wine bars are all the rage in Toronto. Most bars in the financial and entertainment sector are geared towards working locals who enjoy their daily stop off at their favourite watering hole.

Great little local pubs make cosy winter hang outs. Late night cafes provide social areas for meeting with friends. Both are popular in Annex (Downtown) and Little Italy. If you’re hoping to bump into a celeb or two, head over to Yorkville where you’ll find plenty of upscale venues. These who wish to dance all night long with find lots of choice in Downtown and Garden District.