Getting To & From Toronto Pearson Airport

If you’re flying into Toronto, chances are you’ll be arriving into Toronto Pearson Airport (YYZ). When most people travel, finding your way from an unfamiliar airport to your destination can be frustrating and exhausting, especially after a long flight, and possibly with tired kids in tow. There are several options to getting from the airport to your destination:

1. Airport Taxis

As with all airports, taxis are plentiful and easy to find. Once you make your way out of baggage claim it is easy to find the exit and taxis, airport staff are always around to ask also. A taxi ride from YYZ to Downtown should cost in the region of 50 – 70 CAD$. Taxis, although may be more expensive, the convenience of them after a long flight can be a relief.

2. Uber

UBER also pick up and drop off at Toronto Pearson Airport. You will have to download their app and request a ride before arriving at the airport. There are 2 places you can meet your Uber driver at YYZ You can either meet them at Terminal 1 Door A, or alternatively Terminal 3 Door B. Before requesting a ride, confirm your pickup location at either Terminal 1 or Terminal 3.

Not sure of your terminal number? Check the signs posted outside on the nearest door. The cost is relatively similar to that of a taxi. The only difference is you will have to locate your Uber when you arrive at the airport, opposed to stepping straight into a taxi.

3. Union Pearson Express

The UP train, Union Pearson Express, is a new and long overdue method of getting to and from Toronto Pearson Airport. The train runs at 15 minute intervals and starts at 5:30 am, with the last train at 1:00 am. There are three stops besides the airport stop, with the final stop downtown at Union Station, with a total time of 25 minutes. Fares range from 12 CAD$ on down, with kids under 12 riding free. You will have to check how close the stop is to your hotel, if it’s too far you may need a taxi from there. More detailed information can be found at Union Pearson Express.

4. Public Transit

Public Transit is also available from Toronto Pearson Airport. It is by far the cheapest option, but can also be more cumbersome as far as lugging your luggage around. You’ll need to board bus #192 which will take you to the subway. From there you can take the subway that takes you closest to your destination. The cost is 3.25 CAD$ each adult.

Having the correct change for the bus journey is important. You’ll need a 2$, 1$, and 25c coin to board the bus. Travelers from other countries may not be used to the coins and currency which can sometimes lead to an awkward situation for everyone. You must obtain the correct change before entering the bus because there is often a long queue of customers (most locals) waiting to board quickly. Be forewarned that having the proper change is a must.

Buses run about every 10 minutes and it takes about 50 – 60 minutes to get downtown as there are several subway stops along the way. If you have a lot of luggage this is a very clumsy option as it involves handling it often. You will most likely see flight staff on the way to or from the airport on the bus. It’s a popular way for them to travel to the airport. If you’re opting to use this mode of transport check the fares and passes in advance and look over the subway map to familiarise yourself before travelling.

These are the four main methods of getting to and from Toronto Pearson Airport. Now it’s down to you to choose the method that best suits you. Best of luck and enjoy your holiday in Toronto.