Toronto Transportation

In the City of Toronto transportation comes in all shapes and sizes. Getting around is made easy by the grid street layout and extensive Toronto transportation system. No matter whether you are moving around the city on wheels or on foot, navigating your way around Toronto is straight forward. The majority of city attractions are concentrated in a small area too, so you can always walk from one to the next if you prefer.


Like many other cities in Ontario Canada, Toronto is made up of an easy to follow grid street layout. To visitors this simple uniform layout allows for easy navigation. The city is very accessible and it’s possible to walk the entire area if you wish. The streets run from north to south and east to west, with Lake Ontario at the south.

You’ll find maps scattered around the city. Look out for information pillars (Infopillars) along many of the streets. For easy reference, pillars are marked with an “I” so keep your eyes peeled. These helpful and informative maps show you where you are and what is within 15 minutes walking distance. There are also maps in subway stations.

Most hotels stock a number of free paper city maps. Grab yourself a copy and pop it in your rucksack so you can refer to it whilst out. If you have an iPhone or Android device you can also download many different Toronto maps. Apps make getting around Toronto stress free and convenient for most visitors. If you would prefer someone else did the navigating, consider signing up for a guided tour of the city with a local company.

Head below ground level to discover a whole new world. Toronto’s Underground PATH (Downtown Underground Pedestrian Walkway) links up nearly 30 kilometres of shopping, services, transport and entertainment. The network of underground walkways allow for Torontonians and visitors to keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer as they travel around the city. The system plays a vital role for everyday living in the city, accommodating more than 200,000 commuters and thousands more tourists every day.


Getting around Toronto on two wheels is fun as well as being a great way to keep fit. There are numerous cycle paths across the city. Choose to rent a bike, bring your own or use the bike share system.

Public Transport

In Toronto transportation systems play an important role in everyday living. The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) operate within the City of Toronto. They provide bus services, as well as subway and streetcar services. The TTC serve the city with a grid network of 4 subway lines, 11 streetcar routes and over 140 bus routes. TTC pride themselves on offering an excellent, efficient and convenient service for their users. The free transfer service from one mode of transport to another, where necessary,  is flawless. Most of the services are operational for 18 hours per day, 7 days a week. Generally the subway and bus service run from approx 6am until 1am. The streetcar service is available 24 hours a day. To buy a single ticket simply head over to the counter. Visitors particularly favour the one day tickets, but weekly and monthly passes are available too.

GO Transit is another public service that operates in Toronto. GO Transit is a network of train and bus lines that keep people moving around the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. For peace of mind, plan your journey around the city in advance with GO Transit.


Even with the fantastic public transport system, sometimes a taxi is better suited to the occasion. Fortunately, Toronto isn’t short of taxis and there are a number of companies that operate in the area. Fares are standard, metered and non-renegotiable. Taxis cars in Toronto are orange with an illuminated sign on the roof.