Toronto’s Distillery District is located just east of the downtown core, a pleasant 15 minute walk from Yonge Street, which is the heart of downtown Toronto. The area boasts, cafes, restaurants, art galleries, and shops which are set in heritage buildings of the former Gooderham and Worts Distillery. The Distillery was founded in 1832 and was the largest distillery in the world by the late 1860’s. By the late 1800’s distillery operations slowed and the area became increasingly run down and neglected. In 1990 the remaining distillery operations were closed and the slow process of gentrification began. Toronto’s Distillery District had a uniqueness and charm that drew investors to the area. It was that uniqueness and charm that made it the scene of of several hundred film shoots since the early 90’s.

Original Distillery Company


The recession of the early 90’s pushed backed the improvement of the area until early in the new millennium. In 2003 work was complete and the area was open to the general public. The owners of the district didn’t want franchises within the area so all of the shops are privately owned to give the District a hometown feel to it with each boutique and shop having its own unique personality. The Distillery District has a creative focus with many spaces leased to artists and tenants who have creative interests.


The Distillery District is designated as National Historic site and has been voted as a must see destination for visitors to Toronto. The District is designated as mix use and has a combination of entertainment, commercial, residential, as well as art galleries. There is a strong emphasis to keep the integrity of the area and not stray from its historical roots. The area is truly unique and well worth a visit for any visitor to Toronto.



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